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Friday, March 31, 2017

And So It Goes

It's been many years I maintained this blog, but like Zuma Blitz, it's time to set sail to something new.

During this time back in 2009, I created this blog, in an hopes to join my other friends who were on the blogging platform as well during college, with posts serving as conversation pieces. It has within that same span also become a hub for Zuma Blitz related material, as well as other games I supported, putting my blog on the map.

Now with college long gone, the major games this blog centered on its way out, and my exploration options limited with a fulltime job, my topics I cover is limited to places and events I have time to go to, as well as commentary, and my reach is based on how well it does on search results.

I realize that the amount of people irl who actually knew about the existence of this blog was much less than I hoped to expect, especially post-college, where none of the people who I met would know my username, much less this blog. The audience was intended to be those who found it either from searching for certain topics (by chance alone), or my username from facebook / twitter when trying to find me on other sites. But after I find the majority of people who I know irl that it was intended to reach were skipping right past this and my content was not being factored in either what they know about me or their posts, I realize this has lost its true purpose, and as a result I've decided to retire this blog.

I'd like to thank the readers that have followed and gave me the motivation to continue posting about things.

Where Now?

I have decided that the best decision for me online is to stay on the sidelines for the time being; I have a lot of stuff that I want to contribute to, but there's substantial proof that there is almost zero interest in anything I have to share or say anymore, and trying to open up first (either with a mention, PM, or otherwise) hasn't gotten me far.

The art project I have for this year will proceed as usual and will still have its own page, but I won't post updates or any images here because I can't find anyone to discuss its contents with complete safety. Any posts I had in my drafts may still get published at some point in time, and will be backdated appropriately.

Some of my older (pre-2011) posts have their images hosted on Photobucket; with third party images disabled many of these posts will be rendered meaningless so I may decide to remove them altogether; the same will occur for FB linked videos. I do not intend to put them back up, but you are still free to ask me about anything that were in those posts.

I'm more afraid of displaying any of my interests other than the ones I'm generally known for (either online or off) due to being preemptively judged, but I want to talk about something else, so I have only luck and hope that there's someone out there who can understand me, is willing to talk to me first, push me (gradually) outside my comfort zone and have me discussing things I wouldn't normally say publicly.

Maybe someday, I'll decide when - and if - I'll return again.