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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Render: Stockton in Krita

One of my first in progress drawings for the year is using Krita to recreate a shot from a picture that I recently took. Of course after several attempts I couldn't get it looking how I wanted it to be, so I focused on something smaller instead in order to get this post out. More specifically, the downtown BofA building that's set to close in Jun 2017. I'll try to focus more on recreating the entire picture in the future, but I don't know when.

This took much longer as usual because of having to learn perspective, and the sheer difficulties in allocating time blocks to do these things (In reality it is much busier during my off-time then at work). Since it's hard to have completely free weekends, I have many days where I don't have time to even pick up the stylus, much less plan something out.

I've been thinking of the events that arose earlier this year for weeks, with a lot of theories made on this (a full list on the read more section), and I've come to these conclusions: Regardless of what caused it, it was inevitable, and ultimately there wasn't anything I could've done to change this. It brings a lot of unanswered questions, but it wouldn't matter since I would never be able to ask anyways, and because there are much bigger issues that I need to deal with.

I've probably gone over my head on setting this goal, but I have reached the point where I cannot walk away from this, so I must deliver something, regardless of how I might be judged. I may not have the capabilities to make things that appeal to the thousands on a regular basis (assuming I have enough luck to reach them in the first place), but I have to be timely and ensure that they meet minimum quality standards.

I probably have some leeway here since I can backdate posts and update images server-side but I won't be able to do that once it goes on tumblr/twitter.

The theories I had were:

  • Privacy - The artblog was overexposed. I originally assumed it was not designed to be exposed to people irl due to it disclosing more personal stuff than the main one; however I removed this designation since this reblog exists on her main blog (revealing her art blog location to main blog followers), her large follower base ( > 500 followers), and the fact she was accepting commissions and holding giveaways on it.
  • Weather - based on last known location (which appeared in small print in one of her photo meme pictures), the storms and flooding in the area could potentially be a concern.
  • Realization - Because her yoi art with her own signature gained thousands of notes, and got reblogged by one of my irl friend's tumblrs and could've been seen by more (there were some who came back on tumblr due to the hype), and could possibly connect her to the blog with one of her first art posts on her main blog for name verification.
  • FT Job - self explanatory, although she could in theory still be posting stuff, just slower.
  • My connections - Because my mention could make it easier for my followers (probably the ones from CKI) to spot her; Though I did follow some people from CKI, none of them were following me on twitter and hence wouldn't see it; my email there is different from the one used on FB and IRL communications. (Note that I consider any twitter accounts she associates on her main blog as 'IRL', and any associated with the art blog as 'Artists', and mention the appropriate one depending on which audience I want my tweet to reach.)
  • 'Personal' reasons - Her quick reaction indicates she probably knew about me and my blog well in advance, figured I found her blog by way of Ngannu's (now deactivated) tumblr, and is most likely holding a grudge against me due to my former association in 2012; I wouldn't know why as she has never said anything to me and I've not seen or heard anything that might suggest it. I always wondered about her last anon ask response and now I know what the real intention of it was.