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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 in Art

With a fulltime job, I can spend less of my free time focusing on various programming languages and more on pursuing creative projects. My goal (and new year's resolution) for 2017: Produce as much quality artwork as possible during the year.

The goal is designed to achieve the following things:

  • Put a new tablet to use and establish expertise in Krita
  • Improve my own drawing skills (from almost nothing)
  • Turn text-only concepts into something that is more 'visual' and 'creative'
  • Produce an alternative set of sprites for Americana Engine
  • Learn Speedpainting
  • Get better known out there to the general public
  • Get out of the few active followers hole on Twitter

I'll probably put up a dedicated page for this, but for the most part these images need to be present on tumblr / twitter with the proper tags to be effectively visible to the proper audiences*, so I'll put the better ones up there, and include all WIPs and commentaries on this blog.

Things I will probably be working on (will add to later):

  • Profile / Cover image
  • Hard Drive icons
  • Chibis (including paper ones)
  • Drawings to explain various posts
  • Shadow casting
  • Rare pairings
  • Beancoons
  • Water Effects
  • Glow Effects
  • UX stuff
  • 3D display effects (Wiggle and Split Depth)
  • Some things from 2011
  • Zuma Blitz closure


  • I can't be truly motivated unless I base my quantity / quality of work off of someone who's active and who I've knew or seen IRL, so I set my benchmark against Tv's artblog in 2016 (around 170); picking up this speed should allow me to fulfill deadlines on a more timely basis and participate in collabs without holding anyone back*.
  • I will probably focus on a variety of topics; the general idea would be to plan ahead substantially to avoid running out of ideas.
  • This post will be updated in the future, and this post may include its own image as well.