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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Stockton Chinatown Exhibit - Lion Dance Opening

The Lion Dance group on the parade route at the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum; they were opening their new Stockton Chinatown exhibit, which goes on from January to May; admission was free today but parking is not.

Some other events going on here include Mah Jongg, Tai Chi demonstrations, Arts and Crafts, and Lunch.

There is an article about this event here.

Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 in Art

With a fulltime job, I can spend less of my free time focusing on various programming languages and more on pursuing creative projects. My goal (and new year's resolution) for 2017: Produce as much quality artwork as possible during the year.

The goal is designed to achieve the following things:

  • Put a new tablet to use and establish expertise in Krita
  • Improve my own drawing skills (from almost nothing)
  • Turn text-only concepts into something that is more 'visual' and 'creative'
  • Produce an alternative set of sprites for Americana Engine
  • Learn Speedpainting
  • Get better known out there to the general public
  • Get out of the few active followers hole on Twitter

I'll probably put up a dedicated page for this, but for the most part these images need to be present on tumblr / twitter with the proper tags to be effectively visible to the proper audiences*, so I'll put the better ones up there, and include all WIPs and commentaries on this blog.

Things I will probably be working on (will add to later):

  • Profile / Cover image
  • Hard Drive icons
  • Chibis (including paper ones)
  • Drawings to explain various posts
  • Shadow casting
  • Rare pairings
  • Beancoons
  • Water Effects
  • Glow Effects
  • UX stuff
  • 3D display effects (Wiggle and Split Depth)
  • Some things from 2011
  • Zuma Blitz closure


  • I can't be truly motivated unless I base my quantity / quality of work off of someone who's active and who I've knew or seen IRL, so I set my benchmark against Tv's artblog in 2016 (around 170); picking up this speed should allow me to fulfill deadlines on a more timely basis and participate in collabs without holding anyone back*.
  • I will probably focus on a variety of topics; the general idea would be to plan ahead substantially to avoid running out of ideas.
  • This post will be updated in the future, and this post may include its own image as well.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Heading Into the Unknown

When the walls fell

UPDATE: Update: The question(s) that I was ultimately trying to from the tweet were asked directly on tumblr instead, and was since answered.

Today marks the end of the first week of a new year - 2017. And today marks the end of a major original-content artblog that I was following for 2+ years, as well as the end of an era where the people I knew from college posted on tumblr on a regular basis. It became empty, filled with posts from people who I could care less about. More importantly, it marked the complete end of new OC content from people I knew IRL who I could get ideas from, which took priority over all other things - it's now completely deserted.

I would be better off explaining my relation to Tv and any commentary on internal things as well as any anon asks that I did / did not send off at some point in the future (I had various ideas from 2013 that I could finally get to now), but I will provide a summary here.