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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Americana Dawn @ Co-Optional Podcast

There was a mention on Americana Dawn in Dec 24th's Co-Optional podcast in the section 'What games did you Kick-start this year?', where KiteTales mentions AD (considering she provided the narration for the Kickstarter portion of the trailer), while opinions were mainly based on the Greenlight page, which was updated a year ago. I looked this up after finding a post about this on twitter.

I will not say anything more about this, other than the fact that it actually ended last year, unless she was referring to a new Kickstarter already launched this year (in which case I have not seen or heard anything about it) and the official websites have moved while the social media page links (on FB, YT, etc) were not updated to point to them.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ghirardelli Chocolate Sale

During my previous visit a day before Thanksgiving, I was handed a coupon for this weekend's sales (although you can obtain the same coupon online). It looks like an ordinary additional 15% off purchase, but it's much more than that. I have used some of the chocolates bought today as part of gift bags for this upcoming Christmas.

Here's the summary of the holiday sales:

  • Large outdoor tent with free samples and hot chocolate
  • Take a picture with Santa
  • 5 Stack Gold Tower: $34.95
  • Large Stand up Bags: $4.25 (Holiday Sea Salt / Peppermint / Classic / Limited Edition Collections)
  • Variety of Christmas Tins
  • Small Stand Up Bags: $2.50 (from $2.99 / $2.66 when buying 5)
  • All Bars: $2.50 (from $3.00)
  • Factory Seconds Case (Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie): $15.00 (from $17.50)
  • 430 Milk and White Squares: $100.00
  • Bulk Candy and 80ct Bags remain unchanged in price

Unlike other sales promotions, you can use this coupon to discount items that were already heavily discounted from the Warehouse Sale (this was confirmed with the assistant manager).

Stand-up bags become $2.18 per bag (buying five of them is not required) and a dozen bars, assuming you don't mind minor quality aesthetics, averages out to be $1.06 (which is around the price lower quality Falize Chocolate bars sell at the 99c store).

If you want to start giving early, the coupon is not consumed when you pay for the chocolates, so you can gift your coupon to someone else.