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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thunder Valley Chinese New Year Calendar

It's somewhat of my tradition to pick up these calendars every year at Thunder Valley, if possible. After spending a total of $3.79* and getting 88 points I got my calendar.

But... it's not as large as the one as I got two years ago, although it's still ok.

2013 Calendar for scale.

*The quickest way of doing this is to keep hitting the max bet button on a 1 cent machine until you reach 88 points. Although any machine will do, the 1 cent has a lower variance if you have a limited amount of money (and the Quick Hit machines allow you to max bet for less). I don't trust table games to accrue points since the number of points seems to vary by a wide margin.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Haggin Museum Art Show

More specifically, the 84th Annual McKee Student Art Contest, which spans two floors, and K-12. This (and other special exhibits here) are really the only ones worth going to once the entire museum is explored (when it's free the first Saturday of every month).

I've participated in an art show once, but that was in Lodi, and was mainly limited to drawings, photographs, etc. Here 3D models and sculptures are also included.