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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Re: Foster: Not when you're in a room that's going to be removed in the release.

Draft copy of a game screen with dialogue text. Three lines, one character speaking, and an optional portrait. Non-pixel font. Not a mock-up (except for the background). This screen can also be used for various system events like any events occurring in the background.

Need to Add:

  • The ability to color or bold text in dialogue - there is no real way to program this easily when relying on word wrap to do line breaks (triggered with \n).
  • Optimize dialogue to stretch to border when there's no character portrait displayed.
  • Text that fills in like actual dialogue instead of displaying it all at once.
  • Fades. In the event that a different character is speaking in any conversation it will fade smoothly to that character, the box itself won't fade until the convo ends.
  • Add some timed dialogues (no user intervention) - critical when characters are moving during dialogue.