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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bead Sprite: T.O.P (Crab Hat)

This is what results when attempting to beadsprite an image from a (friend of a friend's) tumblr and not doing the research beforehand. Yes, TOP as in the entertainer, not an actual top (which would be trivial to sprite). Originally I saw it as complete OC but later found out this was more in the fanart category - I decided to commit anyways since it was half done by the time I found out. I did not know who BigBang / T.O.P were prior to spriting this, and this will have a limited release on FB because it could cause an unintended bias.*

A second section, which would otherwise make this sprite project called 'TopBom (Tv Version)' was not implemented at this time due to limited resources (both in beads and grids). The skin here was colored with a Tan color because I didn't have a supply of Sand colored beads available - color replacement will be done as soon as I get a few bags.

Link to original image for the interested. I didn't receive the best of approvals when using a mention on FB to show it to the original artist, so future bead sprites will not explicitly bring it to the original artist's attention if they are known personally.