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Monday, February 25, 2013

End of CKI Days

The new E-Board for UOP CKI, Lawrence Tran not shown.

Like all of my other friends who were in my graduating class, retirement from college and CKI is inevitable. I believed I have reached that point, given that a large volume of projects is headed my way in my classes, which are the only things left towards that master's degree. Although I was supposed to be done last year, people wanted me back so I continued on for another semester, but knowing I couldn't make new lasting friendships at the rate I did a year or two ago, I decided to stop here.

So this is where the story ends. (Cue up When Can I See You Again?)

Sometimes I wonder if some of the people who I have thanked in the past, had concern over, or even like, have ever seen me in the same way, or even seen my posts (besides that one time which I showed certain people the blog). Or if I can see them again, for that matter. By leaving, there were many loose ends I had to resolve somehow; since I'm out of the transportation option provided by UOP CKI, I have to find other means of reaching them (via online might not be enough).

Looking back a year ago, I had the option of running for a district committee position... even though I didn't have any support, I should've taken it - it could have changed the outcome of this year with a high position and I might've still remained in CKI for a bit longer.