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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Americana Dawn: Week 4

Challenge of February: Screen Space and Understanding how this DirectX stuff works. (Photo credit: The Lone CS Major)

Ironically, I would be the one resembling the lone CS major, not him.

Four weeks have gone by since I started the project, and plenty of stuff has gone on during that time. I recruited another developer to help with the project (from CKI, it's the connections btw), and over fifteen whiteboards were filled with game data, skillsets, overall game planning, etc. Work now begins on both the game engine and the editor in question. The game engine, as well as memory management (to ensure the game fits under 200MB, if possible) will make it a real challenge (see note below).

Less than two months to go before that demo rolls out. (The game won't be completed by end of April - though the engine might be completed, the assets for a large scale game probably might not be.)

CS and DirectX: DirectX was never taught in any basic or upper level Comp Sci course that I have taken - at most MFC was introduced in one project and practically everything else was command prompt.