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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Coming In

The first few days of the new year for me occur in Reno for a change.

2012 has brought in some of the best and the worst this year. For some people, they mentioned that 2012 wasn't that good (there were a few incidents) and wanted this year to be better. (And I thought that 2012 would be good).

Notable Events: (in my perspective)

  • Spring 2012 in Stuff (Jan 2012)
  • 24: Interclub at Davis (Jan 2012)
  • Reached 400 friends on FB, completing a longtime goal (and 100 subscribers) (Feb 2012)
  • Hosted a Key2College Workshop (Feb 2012)
  • Reached Bronze MRP Status at CKI. However "someone stole my star!" and missing a gold...ribbon) (Mar 2012)
  • End of district event appearances at CKI (Apr 2012)
  • Finished with Undergrad at UOP. (May 2012)
  • Introduced to Perler Beads - Made the Capital Division Logo out of it. (May 2012)
  • 24 Hour Fitness (Jun 2012)
  • Hiking at Lake Tahoe (around 10 miles) (Jun 2012)
  • Kindercalc Project (Jul 2012)
  • Long Beach and Universal Studios (Aug 2012)
  • Fall 2012 in Concepts (Aug 2012)
  • Supreme Commander Speedruns (Aug 2012)
  • Zuma Blitz undergoes a new revision, Kroakatoa Island. Fans were not pleased with the coin system. (Sept 2012)
  • Borderlands 2 (Sept 2012)
  • Riding the BART (Oct 2012)
  • TOS (this blog) reaches 250k views. (Oct 2012)
  • Popcap Swag Package for work on Zuma Blitz (Nov 2012)
  • First official 5K run at Davis (Nov 2012)
  • Facebook application development (Nov 2012)
  • Popcornopolis (Nov 2012)
  • Game Development Group (Dec 2012)
  • Diablo 3 and the ability to make money with it (Dec 2012)
  • TV Series: Quantum Leap, and Kitchen Nightmares (none which I could remember the date)

Planned Resolutions / Revisions in 2013:

  • Designed Subcategory: EllegnArt Deviations (Angelle is no longer reachable, and I have recovered most of her artwork that was previously made unavailable. I've got a new direction planned for them)
  • Programming Subcategory: FB App Making (Because sometimes the examples just aren't enough...)
  • Chibi Art will now occupy the 'Designed' category, and all artwork / sketches are currently delayed (this is due to reduced priority, anyone that was included in a partially completed sketch were notified).
  • SD Chip (my 16GB SD chip was breaking apart) will be replaced and upgraded, the money won from Reno (less than 100) will be used to fund products for tech reviews.