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Monday, November 12, 2012

Arkandian Explorer: Through the Unfinished Dungeon

So many floors, even this map is unfinished.

A playthrough of Arkandian Explorer shows a few new challenges and a few additional features, however most of the game mechanics remain the same from the previous game.

Things changed:

  • Sockets available on some items, either find gems or use Disenchanters to get them off items (more likely to drop the more you use it, and increases Mysticism still as well)
  • New armor/weapons to craft. (Potions, however, remain the same) Don't worry about limited resources, you can buy them now.
  • Auto-attack buttons
  • Additional repeatable dungeons to unlock additional crafting blueprints and spells. (the Mapping spell was never found)
  • Wall/furniture for house not buyable - you need to take them from exploring dungeons.

Note the following:

  • Repeatable dungeons can only be repeated a finite amount of times, with the exception of the Unfinished Dungeon and prison (the latter being more expensive).
  • The campaign maps usually use this set of random maps as well.
  • If there is a quest chest (grey), the mission will end once you leave - use that to your advantage, especially with the Alchemist's dungeon - the last 10 unlocks (bottom row) are only hair dyes, so you can loot for stuff there without collecting the quest chest repeatedly and you're good.
  • Custom Shoes can be used to boost bargaining skill, with at most 20 gold per chance to raise it.
  • Artistry and Salvaging can be rapidly increased by using one item and crafting repeatedly. (this is actually explained in the tips)
  • Use sneak on Vault 13 (get mana potions if you need to) to get past enemies, and sledgehammers to get to chests easier. You may need two trips.
  • The Mapping spell can't be found anywhere (at least not in any tactical battles or quests) and as a result you can't use it.
  • The last alchemy recipe can't be unlocked on its own - it is called 'Exclusive Hair Dye' and you must guess it. Hint: Pink Hair Dye from Revenant.
  • The Unfinished Dungeon stops at 100 floors and has a quest chest there - it's 1GP.

Crafting Recipes: Download JPG (2.25 MB). Due to popular demand for this, I have decided to put this up. Regardless of whether or not the craft is successful, it will be saved in your recipes list for later use.

Unfinished: Due to having a lot of jobs queued up, the image was released before I perfected it - the image will be updated and made neater when I get the time to do it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Your guide was helpful.