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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Endless Zero Week

Yes, they are collectible. (Provided you're a friend, of course)

I'm starting to not like how Network Solutions are holding up these days... It has went from 99 percent reliability to almost zero. Can't access FTP at all (to upload leaderboard updates and whatnot), both Zuma Blitz and business material on that site (as well as almost all of the images on this blog) are offline. They haven't even reported on this issue either. Yep, screwed on that end.

I've decided to switch over to Dropbox for (makeshift) image hosting purposes. They're way more reliable than this - share public links, 10GB/day bandwidth to support those images... that's enough to support 10k pageviews a day, a limit I will reach in... what, maybe a month and a half?

Go get a Dropbox - 2GB of free storage (and probably much more than that), access anywhere you have an internet connection, syncs to computers, upload practically anything, with complete control over your files. One major step ahead if I forgot my flash drive for any reason or need to share something quick.

Onto the Zuma Blitz stuff. It's a new week and with that Halloween board and the Werefrog, we're supposed to be getting high scores right away. Not in the groups we aren't. We're busy sharing our coins using that new zero scoring technique.

Many people got bored and went for playing regular games after about 100 posts (100k coins shared total) - what's your highest? (I personally stopped at 40 and decided to go for sharing 4k daily spin coin posts instead.)

Zero Scoring Technique: (above) A coin sharing technique in which a player purposesly loses without scoring any points, done at the start of a week when the scores reset. Even though the score still reads 'No Score' it is still considered (at least by the game) to be a new high score and a 1000 coin post to be shared. If you've got the extra lives...

Update: Can no longer be done as of Nov 15, 2012