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Friday, September 7, 2012

Kroakatoa Island Approaching

The relaunch of Zuma Blitz, aka Kroakatoa Island. Even before the island was officially launched, it has been universally criticized by users of the old Zuma Blitz (with less than 10% approval rating for the past five posts on the ZB page), to the point where even I don't know why half the people are complaining and want to leave the island already. (Could someone give me an explanation?)

Conversion not right? Submit a receipt - click the "Receipt" button after transferring (before you play your first game) and print screen, upload to imgur, post the image link on comments. You should have a picture like this one.

Not enough coins per level? Get up to level 50+ and if you still think the same way, feel free to comment.

Idols not worth enough? $70 -> 3750 idols -> 4.7 million coins. It costs $97.50 on the new island for 5 million coins.

Not scoring high as before? They changed the gap mechanics a bit, favoring extremely large gaps over small ones. Example video of this

Something else? Leave it in the comments below.

Migration Info

All players are being migrated to the new island - read the below info to make sure you've got enough coins with you when you finally transfer, or jump straight to the new island. Remember: Once you depart, you cannot return back. (Even if you managed to do that, they will eventually remove game files needed to play the classic version, and your scores won't be saved.)

Noted Features (updated Sept 23, 2012)

This is only a brief list of important changes. The full list of observed changes on the new island can be found here.

  • Using new currency: Coins. Your mojo and idols from the previous version will transfer over to the new island as coins, however your level will not. You will get a one-time bonus for transferring based on your current level.

    If you wish to purchase additional mojo before moving to the new island, do so now - there are many players cashing out their large sums of mojo and idols on the new island, and they had to raise their prices there as a result. If 90 game 3x mojo potions are still offered at 32 idols, trade all your idols into them right now, as they give you a lot more coins for doing this when you transfer than with just idols.

  • If you had an higher tier power unlocked when you transfer it will still be available for use without having to level up first.
  • Fortune cookies will not carry over, so open them all prior to the relaunch. You can, however, send a bundle of coins to each friend per day in the near future. Any feeds clicked on for mojo posts on the old island are awarded to you as coins.
  • Treasure chests in the new island will instead give you an extra daily spin. Don't count on your luck, though; at the time of writing, the daily spins collected in-game is rigged to give you zero chance of any payout above 10k.
  • You can send lives to friends, at a rate of one every twelve hours. Number of coconuts collected on the island will determine the number of extra reserve lives.
  • Lives and XP potions are buyable using coins. Unlimited play for a set time, however, requires actual cash.
  • An additional food items can be used on a frog at a time to give it extra effects, in addition to three powers, and either increase the potency of a power or provide an extra benefit that powers or spirit animals can't get you. Effects can range from increasing the radius of hot frog explosions to increasing the score of gap shots.
  • You can buy powers in bulk at a price par to that of Classic Zuma Blitz.
  • Spirit Animals can be used multiple times in a row with a slight reduction in cost for each successive use. Their appearance will change slightly compared to Classic Zuma Blitz.
  • New spirit animals: Dire Wolf, Pegasus, Gryphon, Dragon, Giant Squid, designed for hardcore players. They are awarded at 2.5M, 3M, 3.5M, 4M, and 4.5M respectively. All spirit animals are available from the start, so you don't need to worry about not getting one due to a low level.
  • New HUD - all your stats are on the bottom (with no indicator on how much your fruit is worth), and game boards now have a larger widescreen aspect ratio, which allows room for more elaborate curve designs.
  • You will level up much quicker compared to the old island at the same level, BUT (at this time) you will not earn coins at the end of a game, only when you level up. Although this problem is very noticeable at low levels for players who transferred because high-level powers are being used, it should be of little concern by the time you reach the level you're normally supposed to unlock them (at lvl 105) since you're practically getting over 100k coins per level.
  • Your XP is primarily based on the number of techniques you pull off in the game - hot frog, curve clears, gap shots, and fruit all give you additional XP at the end of each game. Simply clearing a large amount of balls or getting a lot of points makes no difference in XP gained.
  • This version has an interesting bug in which it's possible to get time and multiplier balls well after they disappear. If such a powerup disappears on a ball just match that ball at your leisure and the multiplier/time bonus will be added.
  • Gap mechanics changed: Double tapping can no longer be used to get maximum points on your double gap. However, two ball gaps will.

Transfer Rates:

Popular belief says that you have to be lvl 80 before you transfer. You can technically go at any level, you'll just miss out on a few bonuses and will have to level back up again to get those power upgrades that you didn't earn on the old island.

  • Amount of Mojo is the number of coins you will receive, plus 50%.
  • 1 idol -> 1250 coins
  • 3x mojo potion (for each game) -> 1300 coins
  • Mastery level will give you a permanent sticker on your stats page, as well as some drinks (buffs)
  • Extra coins equal to 20% of the above total - but only if you got to level 80 or went through mastery.

Bonuses based on transfer level:

  • Lvl 10 - Bomb powerup x20
  • Lvl 20 - 375k coins (if you are less than level 80 this bonus is reduced)
  • Lvl 30 - 25x life
  • Lvl 40 - 24hr 2x XP potion
  • Lvl 50 - Cannon powerup x20
  • Lvl 60 - 24hr life

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Alexandre Giesbrecht said...

Should I use my 1,2k idols now to get something, then?

Anonymous said...

Is this still going to be an invitation only event or a beta test version? Will Zuma Blitz eventually migrate to this or will it be a buy in option like restarting after gaining master level 80?

Anonymous said...

What happens with our idols that we have collected? I have over 3000 of them that I purchased.

Brendan Chan said...

At this time, in my opinion, you should either convert idols to extra mojo or spend them on 75-game XP potions - they might carry over. They no longer have mojo potions.

Don't convert all your idols to mojo / xp until around Monday or so in case a deal pops up during that time.

Everybody will eventually migrate to the newer version of Zuma Blitz, regardless of what level you're on.

AaronX said...

Some other changes:
Levels have now become XP > stars > rank?
No more score breakdown at the end of each game!
They don't tell you what's your max lives to store? Doesn't look like the max lives will increase with level like before.
No more coconuts! Looks like we have to pay if we want more lives now.
Besides power-ups, now they have food, which apparently can stack.

Brendan Chan said...

The closest equivalent to Stars would be your level. They had ranks in Classic Zuma blitz, but only if you looked at your detailed stats.

The score breakdown was implemented months after the release of the original Zuma Blitz, it's possible they could include it in the future.