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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Final First Meeting

Freshman are confused. Others know what they're doing.

It was only five months ago, at the events of Capital Banquet, I mentioned to others that I was graduating and to even fewer people, that it would be my last Divisional event. I might see some people in the future, somewhere, someplace. I noticed now I cannot simply think that way.

After noticing that around 10% of the people who I have made connections with at CKI have deserted me over the summer, I start to wonder if I have failed on my own end, or was it the disadvantage of a small school that also contributed to it. In the general area of CKI, many people went their own ways in separate smaller groups, making it hard to achieve the type of bonding that larger schools like UC Davis provided.

I found the first meeting quite different compared to others. It's been good seeing some new (and old) faces, but unlike other CKI first meetings I've been to, it lacked a bit of organization - I was unable to find any flyers this year regarding CKI (other than the table and through group emails), Kevin arrived last and there was no initial icebreaker. Some were quite surprised to see me again, although I will be making a limited return.

Business before Fellowship: An option arose to head over to In-N-Out post meeting (as is the tradition most of the time) for fellowship purposes, but I had to leave early due to 'business' reasons. Deadlines first. (Although In-N-Out seemed questionable to me if I was given an option, anyone who knew my interests would clearly know I would go... regardless of my chances of success of talking to specific people.)

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