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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Universal Studios Annual Passes

Costco: Selling enough passes for Universal Studios that they have their own line to handle them.

Unlike Boardwalk / California State Fair, which Costco has sold in the past, there's a line to handle passes for this one simply because they sell tickets at a very good deal. They only thing they don't cover is VIP tickets, which send you to the front of the line once per ride and some other additional perks.

Recommendations: If you're planning a trip here for several days (note that you only need two to see everything during peak season), you should probably only get tickets at a Costco in the LA area, because that's where they sell those five day passes for $60 (if you can't find them, annual for $70). Elsewhere (at least in the northern CA area), the only option available is a 2-day pass for $64, and you'll never know when you might return.

Also Note: What you save in ticket costs, they make up for it in food sales. Especially at Ben and Jerry's, where it's $7 for a medium sized ice cream scoop, and that doesn't even include the waffle cone.*