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Monday, August 27, 2012

64 GB of Storage

Files in the drive when you first plug it in, with full stats. Autorun not active

#92E: Own a 64GB or higher flash drive. (Goal now properly completed)

At the time of the goal (2009), it was rather expensive to get such a large flash drive, which costed more than $150 at the time. Nowadays, the price is rather trivial, with its cost as low as $30 during a Office Max sale.

For a flash drive that lacks in speed (compared to other USB 3.0 equipment I regularly use), it more than makes up for it in capacity. Although I won't use this for school preferring my 16GB instead, it's best used for moving huge files around, given several networking issues (although this is somewhat offset by TeamViewer), or for backup uses.

For any SanDisk flash drive you use, though, it's strongly recommended you do not install the ClubSanDisk that comes with it (or worse, automatically installs for you) and simply discard it as well as the Secure Access Program - both are not necessary for the operation of the drive and the latter is mediocre at best.

Naming Conventions: I have still yet to name this drive* - I ran out of personal names on my own end, and my other flash drive is still active and usable. I could name drives based off of other people, but this could be risky, especially if they have as much as see the drive (which is quite rare, seeing that I have to actually plug the drive in either a friend's computer or public place, and they have to get the reference). Desktop hard drives and subfolders are safe.


Robert Coffey said...

I see that you've got a fair amount of stuff about PopCap games here. I am a freelance writer hired by PopCap to write profiles of their players. Would you be interested in being a profile subject? I would have emailed you directly but I don't see a Contact link on your blog. Let me know if you're interested and we can start the process.

Brendan Chan said...

I've added an email link on the navigation sidebar (there's a link on the upper left of the page to display it), you should be able to email me directly from there. Hope this helps.