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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Fourth Return to Delta

Almost two years have past since the near start of construction of the math and sciences building - it's set to open later this summer.

This is the third building to adopt the new color scheme (the other two being the Student Services building and renovated Goleman Library, and maybe the bio sciences building) - whether or not they will renovate the other buildings with the same color set, I don't really know. One thing's for certain - Cunningham might not be around after this building's done.

I've also tried looking for the methane digester that I helped build during ACADEC five years ago - no luck with that. I've compared it with images taken at that time - the greenhouses are present, but there's a PD next to it and the area's now fenced in.

Memorable Stuff in Cunningham: Computer Lab (at the time when floppy drives and zip disks were around), Clever Planetarium Reopening (with Jose Hernandez), MCHS Solar Car Races, some MCHS end of year luncheons (notably Senior Potluck nearby), Spanish classes with Prof. Rich, Langone's courses

Fourth Return: Not exactly. Counting backward, the third was in May, the second being in August 2010, and the first in April 2010. Prior trips were not counted.