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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Keep Running

Training for a potential 5K run, and saw this graffiti mark twice. So does that mean it's an official course? Maybe not. (An official measurement of the run path maps it to 2.8 miles, the same run distance that was in running the 5k in the 24hr Fitness class.)

Anyways, managed to reduce my run time down from last year at UOP by approximately 25%, down to approximately 36 minutes. Getting better and being able to run for longer periods of time without stopping. However to complete a marathon and place decently I would be required to finish this course in less than 20. That means doubling stride length.

While I can run on this course faster each time, there are a few cases where there is simply no running away from, and will be required to face head on at some point. Like messaging someone that was mentioned on an earlier post.

I have concluded that I cannot finish a decent art project that includes them in a reasonable amount of time at this time, so I'm stuck with a one-liner message at best. I don't expect the resulting convo to go too far.