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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drafts: Chibi Style

#zpg pre-concept art, Attempts 1-3 at Chibi drawing.

I have tons of ideas and concepts in my head. Unfortunately I lack the ability to actually draw them, much less draw them well enough in a short period of time... which is why this blog typically consists of photos (some edited). Therefore ideas are placed on a text file, with as much descriptive information about the image as possible to draw it later.

There's around 90 ideas for drawings currently in my queue. Relative to CKI, 30 images are proposed covering 24 people. These are photos, right? No, these are proposed hand drawings, particularly if it's difficult or impossible to recreate that scene in real life.

I'm hoping this summer I actually improve my art skills - after all, I don't want my works to be of this quality. Also, I've always had the idea of having a unique style to my original content. In the scope of CKI, very few (obligatory reference to Amanda Tran here) have ever attempted hand drawings of CKI people, so I've decided to give it a shot. As a side hobby, of course.

Researching: Chibi Art. Lots of applications and very few of my friends* (or at least those who I know draw) have pursued this. I've gotten a book or two about it and attempting to practice this style - I should have a Chibi Ngannu ready within a few weeks.