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Sunday, June 17, 2012

On The Rocks: Lake Tahoe Hiking

Facing one of the largest obstacles in the history of my life in the form of hiking - Maggies Peak in Lake Tahoe, CA. Facing at least four miles and five hours to hike up this mountain in Tahoe, as well as climbing on the rocks in order to reach the top, the grand view is definitly worth it as the longest hike I've completed so far.

The goal was originally intended to be completed with Julie Ton last summer, but money issues delayed this indefinitely. I was given an opportunity to hike last month when one of my cousins were planning a hike at Tahoe in June, and took it.

Meanwhile at CKI: They have their June DCM at King's Beach in Lake Tahoe. They're way up north. And we're in the south.

Trails: Eagle Falls, Bayview

Hike Difficulty: Advanced Beginner. I've been informed that it wasn't too bad, with gradual slopes throughout the trail. My experience on this hike, however, says otherwise. There were some misleading paths and a LOT of rock steps to climb up on.

Recommended Equipment: Mosquito repellent, some water (at least 2 Liters), and some food.

Tips: Train yourself before going on this - there's around 5-6 miles that you'll have to go through, going up and down 2000 feet.

Goal Completed: #79. Go hiking somewhere with someone else. (Goal done at Lake Tahoe, with 8 others.)