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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Solitaire Blitz + Tips

Video Replay of this.

Solitaire Blitz is a timed card game that tends to play more like Golf than Solitaire, but you get three decks to play cards with and the game tends to progress very quickly especially with the ability to use powers (which require silver, which is obtained by collecting treasures at the end of the game).


  • Extra time might be helpful, but you are confident you can finish your game before the timer runs out, you should switch your power with another one if you don't need the extra 30 seconds because it doesn't count towards your time bonus at the end (if you full clear). The time bonus is 1200 points per second by the way.
  • Try to focus on unlocking the draw piles as soon as possible to create more opportunities to create longer runs.
  • Try not to make any illegal moves - it both resets your combo and deprives you of an accuracy bonus (10k points) after winning the game.
  • Focus priority on stacks with more cards - if you even out the piles you most likely won't be stuck with a single pile left which limits your options (and you will most likely lose).
  • If you're going for a high combo, try to avoid situations like 3-of-a-kind (which awards 3000 points) - you'll most likely have to flip new cards from the deck, ending your combo. Royal family (5000 points) is a bit better.
  • Additional jokers are extremely helpful for making large combos, this should be the last thing you play if you're out of valid moves.
  • Use starfish, mine, or depth charge if you can't make any more moves. They can safely send cards over to the decks and open more moves without breaking your combo.
  • The mine doesn't destroy cards but sends cards to the piles instead which might mean more matches. The same goes for depth charge.
  • Although Mine is generally used to clear a row of cards at anytime, they are extremely effective when used when you have one card left, and especially when you have a high combo. It added 100K+ to my score as seen above.
  • Although full clears are partially based on luck and more on how you play your cards, you will need a lot of luck to get 50-60 card runs. This luck is generally improved by way of powers.

Additional Stuff:

Treasure Loot List (as of April 9, 2012, missing a few rare loot entries)