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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Solitaire Blitz Gifting Guide

This will probably be one of the useless-useful guides I will write up, however I think this is kind of important to send/silver quickly without having to play lots of games for small amounts of silver (and by that, an average of 1500 per game if you play enough times)

TIP: MASS SEND SILVER COB to friends. (or Pearl), at 300 silver per gift. The rest is trash (or less than maximum), as essentially sending the following items to them gives your friends the following silver:

(Updated with gifts that were sendable as of July 8)

Scallop: 20
Sand Dollar: 25
Fish Eggs: 25
Snorkel: 150
Mussel: 25
Sea Glass: 25
Bottle of Rum: 300
Shark Jaw: 200
Crab: 150
Conch Shell: 40
Starfish: 200
Crab (purple): 200
Feather: 30
Pearl: 300
Spear Tip: 250
Lost Letter: 200
Compass: 250
Wooden Buckler: 250
Sea Cucumber: 250
Coffee Beans: 300
Horseshoe: 200
Cannonball: 250

Like Zuma Blitz, you can still use the fortune cookie method of sending players multiple gifts. The amount of gifts that players need to play a full power game here are around the same as a player who uses full powers+beetles per game on ZB (which is 35 of them).


Tina Boyd said...

On June 17th the Wine Glass was worth 2k. This item usually shows up after game play. This item is gone now but notice when you send gifts because there could be a special item.