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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sacramento Zoo Zoom: ZooRunner

Surprisingly enough, Taffe can run eight minute miles.*

Event for ZooZoom - a variety of different marathons for people with all ages, including a 5K and 10K marathon.

We're busy working with Key Clubbers from nearby high schoolers and holding up various motivational signs for people to keep them going, until both races are over.

Action Scene: One person collapsed to his knees near our position - and all of us rush over to the scene in no time.

Fun Fact: The first runner for the 5K came by at the 15 minute mark, but my stopwatch was off by a minute and a half so I said to nearby friends that the first person crossed the finished time in 15 minutes 2 seconds. (I later verified this)

Additional Feature: Volunteers and runners get into the Zoo for free after the race is over. (Us volunteers, however, do not get the privilege of free food.) At least we enjoyed the experience of flamingos and giraffes.