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Monday, April 16, 2012

Epilogue: The Capital Banquet

The end draws near - Although we're given thanks* alongside a Capital Division Slideshow, we give thanks to Erin in the form of a thank you video and more.

Banquet Summary

Banquet starts with several introductory speeches, opening slideshows (which technically didn't work that day) as well as thank you gifts. We give our appreciation back to Erin. A pie-Erin done by Mo-Kang concludes the event.

Revised Erin Thanks

I wasn't able to get myself filmed for this surprise video (it was done around 30 minutes or so after I had to leave since I had to prepare for tomorrow's presentation, but the written transcript reads:

Erin, thank you for everything you've done this year - From the time I first knew about you last May during STC, you've been one of the most amazing and coolest LTG's I've met during my three years at Circle K. Good luck with the rest of the year!

Concluding Statements

The year finally comes to an end, and as Kevin says it, where an era ends, and a new one begins.

Sometimes, some of the best things comes to an end. For others... they are just beginning...


The lack of CKI members viewing these posts and the blog allow me to post with much higher degrees of freedom.

  • Although I'm still free to attend future CKI events, it will no longer bear the 'Circle K' label (to make this the true ending)
  • I've gained the knowledge of Perler beads, and planning to recreate the Capital Division logo.
  • I like artistic designs and derived scenes from CKI, including poses/action scenes that I might never see happen IRL, as well as the Davis E-Board*. So I decided to create a few hashtags dedicated for this and named it appropriately.
  • Revamped DCON logo and Tron/Laser tag related stuff.
  • Marathon running alternate sign.
  • Emigrant Gap Cliff Jumping: What if UC Davis arrived and a student (more specifically Debra) attempted this jump?