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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blokus Mindgames

Feature in Alex Ung's house: Blokus. I've heard about the game before but never actually played it - until now.

General Directions: You need to place down more pieces on the board than anyone else. You can only place down pieces which are diagonally adjacent to your existing pieces, and they cannot be touching next to each other.

Strategy Used: I tend to focus on not what might be the next good move, but rather a few steps ahead to know what pieces I might be using up, figuring how (in one or two moves) to reach certain squares to expand my options, etc.

Additional Feature: Learned about Perler Beads, the source for both a fundraising initiative for Sac State CKI as well as a distinction for Sac State on their nametags during DCON. I will personally get a set of these beads and use them to build a few things later on in life...