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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

End of Line, End of CKI

Closing thoughts about being both a Historian at CKI and as an active member.

DCON - it was amazing entirely, but unfortunately the year's over, and it's time for me to retire my position as Historian as well as my an active role at Circle K within a month after this post (the last two events being the End of Year Banquets). Given the fact that I am currently a senior and planning a co-op this point forward, it's time to step down.


Sure, I might have not risen to the rank of an E-board member and not getting much recognition district-wide, serving only as A-board historian, but my legacy there will most likely be preserved in at least 6 Facebook albums, several videos, 60 blog posts (here), meeting up with tons of new people (around 300+ total, half which I added as friends), and more.

If there was only one thing I could add to my current legacy, it would be 'notable to others' - tight-knit relationships, getting to know fellow members a lot better, and vice versa. Even though I know a lot of people and can identify them, that's not the main point. There's only around 25% of people from CKI whom I know more about them than just their name (and what university).

Which brings me to Facebook posts. Since I don't really talk much during any event, info that others would know about me would solely be based on FB posts... but I don't post often over there either. And if I do they're typically made during off-hours, where other Circle K members typically might not see them. I've decided to change this added many status messages in the past that were set to the time I originally thought about putting them up (up to the nearest day), so viewing the timeline in the proper order is recommended.

Giving Thanks:

Like everyone else, during my years at Circle K there were several people who I considered notable and want to thank. I've only tagged the top 10 people (the limit) in a comment to both get their attention to this page, and to avoid it posting this message to other people's timelines. Many people might not even see this page, if you do see this, they are as follows:

Alex Ung for both spirit and friendliness, from the time I met you last year at STC. Now everytime I see Capital Division, I always hear this as you saying it. "How much capital? HELLA CAPITAL, DUDE!"

Andrew Tom for all the knowledge about Circle K in other areas, like the respective gaming clan.*

Bock for the tips about hosting a workshop, applications, etc. (I have still yet to present a Division-level workshop, but I have made an advancement with presenting one at Key2College)

Duy for being the person at Davis who I would be comfortable talking with. (as well as Midson, Khin, Diana Dinh, and Chris Cheng)

Erin and Christina Le for being badass LTGs (same for the next year's LTG, Fiona)

Garrett for the idea of not hesitating to get a picture if you see a good shot, which gave me the ability to take some of the more notable and creative pictures that defined events.

Julie Ton for bringing my experiences in college during my Junior Year to notable levels as well as more willing to attend Sac State related interclub events.

Kevin Arthur for the effort you do to take us to various events as well as your playlist (many of your songs are now on my favorites list, and yes, we should trade music)

Ngannu for both being awesome² (squared) and unique (and in more than one way) - you influenced my decision for both my cover image and a few other things.*.

Stacey, Nhi Tran, and CJ for keeping my spirit up in various events.

Nadia for the memories at UOP CKI during my Junior year and for help when I was a fundraising chair. And

Annamarie for listening to what I had to say, and for the suggestions to just be myself. Which I have taken into account this year.

It's been a great three years over there. I wish I had more time to build better relationships, but it's unfortunately time for me to go. For the tons of new people who've I met during my entire time at Circle K, as well as the new experiences that followed that made my time at college worth something - thank you.

Notable Posts on this blog:

C^3 CTF (used as basis for cover picture)
24: Interclub at Davis (Most views - Spring 2012)
Corn Fields and Zombies (Most views - Fall 2011)
Summer Ice Cream Social (Most views - Summer 2011)
Oz Korean BBQ (Julie Ton's fundraiser) (Most views - Spring 2011)

Personal Impact

  • Movie footage taken: Around 3 hours
  • Images taken: around 3,700
  • People who used one of my images as a profile pic: 13
  • Most likes on a image: 13
  • Space Consumed: 80.1 GB
  • Highest Award: Bronze MRP (unmerited at DCON)
  • Events recorded: 34