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Sunday, March 25, 2012

DCON Evolved

This is the personal name for District Convention: Service Legacy.

Summary: This marks the end of the year for Circle K - where the old board retires and a new board for this upcoming year including* Fiona Cheng as Capital Division LTG and J-Cao Nguyen as District Governor.

It's been approximately one year since I last did the blogging of this event.

Unlike last year where we didn't have registration forms to attend the opening ceremony, instead it was the ride itself. Luckily this time around videos of this was posted online

Straight into the action we go. No intros, no electric lighted spirit battles and cheers, but there IS a combination of * Deadmau5 and Daft Punk DJing on the dance floor.

IMO I found the DCON to be the most impressive compared to last year, and some of the other events other than dancing were better and more varied. Also, the table props were very nice. As a senior, this is going to be my last district event.

Small Note: I was hoping to leave with at least a MRP award for my effort and service at Circle K (as a pin), but apparently I (and the rest of the UOP CKI) didn't receive them (I was unable to locate Jacklyn Rivera post-event), as well as my rank saying "Circle K Member", leaving others no indication that I served as a historian.