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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

24 Hour ZB Post

Some of the ways to advertise the site / guide? Put something interesting like this. Since the timeline look adds posts from fans as well, I'm doing a test as to how many people click on stuff like this within 24 hours before this post gets buried by numerous complaints by users (as well as spam, but that problem seems to be taken care of).

Results: Buried in less than one hour by the following posts. Looks like some people don't want to know the truth about how the professionals play and instead (possibly) flame them for cheating. At least it got the attention of four people who did click on the link.

Facebook's fault, not Popcap - (some) other games won't load either. 
What is up with facebok and Zuma Blitz today!
(picture of profile)
(spam link to free FB credits)
how can you like this frigging game always failing,here it is a new week n stuffed again whoopeeee
loding lemottt
frog keeps jump but game dont load

As a regular user, I don't click on many of the ads and stuff like this that are shown unless I'm interested. Now I'm the person that is serving them, trying to find ways to get more people to view this.

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