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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ngannu Word Forming

Ngannu* is the first thing that I see (other than neon) that can be formed here.

This is during the Crab Feed, while waiting for guests to arrive - this is Cameron's game in Hanging with Friends.

I know, it's not a word, but experiences at UC Davis is causing me to think differently, probably for the better.

Note on Future Postings: For picture blog posts set to a certain date, the date will be set at the time I created the post for the first two weeks, meaning it's the first thing that appears on the blog. After this point, the posts will be set to their intended date.

[Also known as: Davis Reference: Word Forming, but I changed it since I prefer more creative titles as an added bonus for people who do look at the pics section of this blog.]

*Ngannu (proper noun) - the name of a distinctive UC Davis Circle K Treasurer from 2012-2013 (as well as Fi-Fun Committee). Personally, it's used for chibi art and mentions* (category #ngannu), and is also the name of a most-used camera chip. No relation to the D3 hero.