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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Full Circle VP

The last two weeks went by too fast. During that time I had my position set on VP Admin, several service events came by, nominated for President and VPA, and later elections. I only went going for VPA. Ultimately I didn't win that position. Neither did the person I voted for, since he had a very good speech and skills in leadership and there was no way I could fully serve given my pending co-op in fall, which I would most likely not be on campus during that time.

It all seems like things have gone full circle now. A year ago I was asking these questions (And yes, I did plan these questions well ahead of time.) and now I'm in that same position in CKI - running for VP (which was the other position I would run for other than secretary)

The only thing left now is accumulating enough hours to get that Bronze at DCON. Trying to figure out how to pass my current grad courses (four projects behind past due date at time of writing) with at least an A- or better is another story altogether.

Background Image - robot holding a flower. Date of this post shifted to Feb 14 - just thought it might relate. Happy Single Awareness Day (at least for me, but hopefully this will change by next year)