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Sunday, February 26, 2012

DLSSP In Stereo

We're busy working, those PTP dolls were both tough and time-consuming but in the end, we managed to pull it off. GJ Leonne.

Objective: District Large Scale Service Project. Meet up at the Arc in San Francisco. Make PTP (pediatric trauma prevention dolls), quilt and scarf making, outdoor work. A second team for the project was at SF State.

Summary: Event was successful - all people were dismissed at 4pm. Post event, visited Pier 39, a place I haven't been to in seven years (including going to the same restaurant), with portions of Davis, Reno, and UOP meeting up (though at different times)

Because I placed a lot of importance into knowing (and identifying) people, the number of people who I knew when I walked through the door substantially increased*.

Last Year: 15 identified (4 not friends on FB), met 13 new people.
This Event: 78 identified (31 not friends on FB), met 19 new people.

Fun Fact: This page will show up if you Google Image search for 'PTP dolls'. The panda is that of San Francisco State.