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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back at San Jose

Overhead view of San Jose, facing south. Taken from the Mariott on the 25th floor.

I do realize that I might've missed a Service Event and LAN gaming party back at Stockton, but honestly if I was given the option to do that I would've taken it. Now that I'm over here...

It's been over two years since I last took a visit to the Tech. Original exploration of the city was rather limited in the past, but I made a more thorough effort this time around, including visiting San Jose State (the library - much more modern comp sci-related books than I would find here than in any Stockton library.

And then there was Cassandra back in those days, she used to be at SJSU, but returned back to Delta. Why, I currently do not know. Recent attempts to contact her have not been successful - I am starting to figure that even it's hard to contact former close friends. Which brings me in a loop back to a post almost two years ago.