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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Space Factory Production Tree

Production Tree for Space Factory.

Two attempts were made at the game, one to explore all of the parts, and another to find an optimal strategy. Thanks to a bug in the game that raises the cost of laser swords and ray guns exponentially when they are in demand, the factory value peaked at 1.3 million CR by 50 weeks.

NOTE: You are not expected to see this tree as is, a larger version is listed here.

Starting out

  • Produce 1 Tin Foil Hat and Tesla Coil. Keep selling Tesla Coil (30) for continued profit at this time or sell tin foil hats for contract requirements.
  • Produce 1 Moon Beam and Stardust as soon as Bars from Mars become available. (This is to expand the production tree)
  • Build 2nd Machine and expand storage. Produce Telepathy Charm for profit (150) and 1 Warp Drive and produce Time Travel Circuit Boards (800) asap.
  • Once you get Farmed Spacemeat, produce the 1st tier of items to unlock Mined Ore (and produce Mice Krispies to complete that contract)
  • Build Alien Fossils and Diamonds, produce Space Plastic and then 20 ray guns
  • Expand Storage to at least 70 and have a factory lvl 4 available
  • Produce equipment for 20 robot dogs (you should have at least 3 machines running)
  • Build 10 Attackatacs and then sell them for 28,000 profit.

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