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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fired Up

GK Mongolian BBQ - one of the places that we went to for a MCHS Reunion Lunch, class of 2008.

Stuff that you might like: Ability to choose your meat, sauce, amount of noodles, and various toppings and have it made in the oven (see above) - and it's actually pretty good to be worth going a second time. Costs 7.51 (with tax).

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Star Lost Speedrun

Merry Christmas, everyone! *or Happy Holidays, if you're celebrating something different.

Even though it's Christmas today, my family got together yesterday, so I still have time to get a quick vid up for a game released two days ago, Star Lost.

In under eight minutes.

Even though it might be helpful to upgrade your ship with all that stuff, it isn't actually required to win.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beginning of Winter

Today marks the beginning of the Winter (at least in the US, according to Wikipedia) - hope you all have a good winter break!

Also, due to not enough people in the area seeing the previous Fall Picture album, I've decided to do an extended version by pushing it towards spring (it still retains the Fall labeling however)

Image: Taken during FTC (See the image on Facebook for a full caption of the image)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fall 2011 in Pictures Summary

Fall 2011 in Pictures: Started off great at the beginning, but tapered off at the end... just like the others. No sketches were completed due to lack of time / proficiency in that skill, and is now accepting user submissions of missing pictures in question. Overall, no more effort may be placed in it, due to the fact that very few people from the intended audience actually saw this. All people that can be identified were tagged on FB on a per-picture basis in the caption area, leaving them free to tag themselves or others.

There were five other people (Claudio, Wei Wei, Aarafi, Yoon, Nhi) that would've been on the 'People of Note' but I didn't have a picture of them available.


  • "Szelagowski" is spelled incorrectly on the image.
  • Missing Christine Phan in the list of people mentioned (supposed to appear in unimplemented sketch "Crossword Inception")
  • Missing May Chen in the list of people mentioned (supposed to appear in unimplemented sketch "Apples^2")

Monday, December 12, 2011

Finals Week First World Problems

Even though it's finals week and people are studying, I think it's more appropriate to see this as a first world problem - being unable to stick the AC adapter in the desk outlet. (No, it's not that I could plug it into one of the wall outlets, as it's a bit too far away to reach and poses a trip hazard. The problem was later resolved somehow.)

Thankfully, I do have a netbook and not a large power-consuming notebook, so it should last me six hours off a single charge. Or not...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crammed at BJ's

It's the day before finals - I'm helping both Tim and Cecilia with review material from COMP 51, and managed to solve a few of their problems they were having. In the end: exhausting, but at least they reported the test wasn't that hard.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Denny's Storytime

Banquet is over, what now? Denny's, of course. If there's ten of us and one of these (dessert books) then this is how we do it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Space Factory Production Tree

Production Tree for Space Factory.

Two attempts were made at the game, one to explore all of the parts, and another to find an optimal strategy. Thanks to a bug in the game that raises the cost of laser swords and ray guns exponentially when they are in demand, the factory value peaked at 1.3 million CR by 50 weeks.

NOTE: You are not expected to see this tree as is, a larger version is listed here.

Starting out

  • Produce 1 Tin Foil Hat and Tesla Coil. Keep selling Tesla Coil (30) for continued profit at this time or sell tin foil hats for contract requirements.
  • Produce 1 Moon Beam and Stardust as soon as Bars from Mars become available. (This is to expand the production tree)
  • Build 2nd Machine and expand storage. Produce Telepathy Charm for profit (150) and 1 Warp Drive and produce Time Travel Circuit Boards (800) asap.
  • Once you get Farmed Spacemeat, produce the 1st tier of items to unlock Mined Ore (and produce Mice Krispies to complete that contract)
  • Build Alien Fossils and Diamonds, produce Space Plastic and then 20 ray guns
  • Expand Storage to at least 70 and have a factory lvl 4 available
  • Produce equipment for 20 robot dogs (you should have at least 3 machines running)
  • Build 10 Attackatacs and then sell them for 28,000 profit.

Continue on from there.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cup Flippin' Competitions

The banquet differed slightly from the other years in that it was situated in the Regent's room. The differences didn't stop there however with the introduction of family competition minigames.

(UOP New Membership Installation Banquet)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

For some reason I loled at how Kim describes Karok in Vindictus.

Speaking of that, I haven't been on the game for a while - it's due to being unable to find other friends playing it as well as being unable to beat the White Tyrant solo.

I heard from a friend that CKI had their own gaming clan - should find more about it. Or I could resort to playing with lots of 'temporary' allies to get through the storyline...