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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Corn Fields and Zombies

Same place (Dixon Corn Maze), same date, except one year forward. Last year's pic on the maze can be found here.

Surprisingly enough, there's more people in the corn maze bent on scaring people than before. We happened to be surrounded from both ends. (I didn't know who was in the image until after I took it, and a lot of people liked the resulting image in our CKI group, and was quickly spread.)

A few days later I found my Dixon Corn maze map a year back and noticed that huge sections of the maze were identical to that of last year's.

Fun Fact: The image title also makes a small reference to Space Pirates and Zombies (very decent RTS in space definitely worth the $15) which I've played for the past few weeks. Someone called the person in the background a zombie, hence the title.