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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dead Metal Hero

The game Dead Metal, essentially Bubble Tanks in space (and without the metal music). Combined with the fact that the AI is smarter in that they will lead their shots and will hit you more often, it puts more strategy in the game than you might expect than just continuously moving around. Notable things include:

  • Switching your ship instantly before or as many times as you want to during the game (with the same amount or health). Each ship is specialized at something, and switching is a must on higher levels.
  • Pyro = Best on turrets and traps.
  • AI 3100 = Can destroy smaller fighter ships without a problem.
  • Demo Man = Only useful on slow (or immobile) stacked ships, it's secondary being a different story.
  • Sniper = Useful for taking out LARGER units, not the best for fast targets.
  • Weapon X = Its freeze is useful except you can't fire your weapons during that time as well.

Note on the image title: I may not have the image title on the top left if it looks better without it. Post title: There are two games called Scrap Metal and Scrap Metal Heroes (two unrelated games). Then there's Dead Metal (this game) and there's this post title.