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Monday, September 5, 2011

6 Million and Counting...

Playthrough @ Level 67 with Tempus Fugit + Multiplier + Speedball. 6.16 million in 1:56.

6 million and counting, and still haven't hit timelord yet.

And this marks the first youtube video I've uploaded. (The rest are in photobucket btw). There's probably going to be a few errors my first few uploads or so, but at least I don't have to worry about a bandwidth limit. Additionally I can increase the quality of videos put up here for the same reason.

Note: For those interested, Super Speed was used. Why? Normally I feel they don't make much of a difference in a game, but if balls are moving quickly and you're firing through a two-ball gap with little margin of error, then a speed powerup will help you to lead your shots easier. There were many games where the double gap was messed up because either the balls fired moved too slow and they miss their intended target or they stuck to one of the gap edges.

Two ball gaps are much smaller and riskier than normal three ball gaps, but they yield 20% more points (~155k compared to ~132k per double gap at 9x)