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Friday, July 8, 2011

First Hangout of the Summer: Ice Cream Social

Just a year ago, the post On Both Sides was created reflecting the difficulties of getting to know older friends better since they used many in-jokes. Of course now for newer friends I won't have much of a problem since I can catch up with them online, which makes it much easier to talk to them when I meet them in person.

I have room to expand and move on to college level students - the number of friends I have on Facebook who I've met in college have more than doubled since last year, and the number of friends from Circle K have increased more than sevenfold. Other than that the chain of events were much like last year - I'm helping another person (my cousin) plan a get-together, the screenshot's a park, and a hangout happened.

If you're in Sac, check out Vic's Ice Cream - It has quite a few flavors there and the food there is exceptional at a decent price (under $3), but I've still got a goal that involves eating Cold Stone ice cream. Menu here since the official website doesn't seem to have one.