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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snakes on a Plain

The snakes gap shot board returns again. This time, I've had it with those *** snakes on this *** plain! So step back 'cause imma pull off some triple gaps.

I suppose you watched the movie related to the title of this board. Or at least, this clip.

TIP: You have two powerups each with a different strat for a high score: Warp Ball or Epic Fruit.

Warp Ball: Go for a large first opening double/triple gap. Balls roll in quick near the opening, giving you a nice opportunity to double tap.* Keep note that doing this is rewarding but reaction-time heavy on this board unless you can find a way to slow the balls down via combos. At normal speed, you need to notice a double tap opportunity and fire both balls - all within three quarters of a second, and at fast speed (2+ minutes in), you have almost no chance for triple gaps when they're going at full speed because your frog (or spirit animal) can't fire balls fast enough.

Epic Fruit: Wait until halfway through the intro before starting (it causes fruit to appear immediately after balls roll out). Once you grab a fruit, try to keep fruit locations open (or a double tap away) around 7 seconds after you grabbed the last fruit so that you can get it within a few seconds of it appearing. Don't forget to hit multipliers and time balls as well. At late-game when balls go faster, you may want to set up double/triple gaps.

*(source: The Other Zuma Blitz Guide, rev. 1.1, pg. 17)