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Friday, June 17, 2011

One Week in LA

78. Visit all the Fry’s locations in California. (+3)

Fry's Explored: Burbank, CA, June 12, 2011 (UFO)
Fry's Explored: Anaheim, CA, June 14, 2011 (Space Themed)
Fry's Explored: City of Industry, CA, June 16, 2011

86. Ride a real roller coaster. (Goal Completed)
Space Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad

77. Visit at least 30 major malls in California. (+3)
Brea Mall, Anaheim Garden Walk, Mainplace Shopping Center

It's been a long time... around 10 years or so since I last visited Disneyland and California Adventure. So many things have changed, like the surrounding area. If you were wondering why I haven't made a last board update, this is one of the reasons (although the other reason's because this week is a repeat board, which I do not make a post of.)

In the span of ten years, a lot of the rides have changed and I have become more fearless in riding most of the attractions that I would have never riden in the past.

So likewise, here's a list of attractions that I would recommend seeing and why:

Star Tours - They have revamped the show entirely. Instead of one fixed movie, destinations are random (actually, there are three different ones), with a total of 54 different experiences, increasing replayability. Due to this, the waiting time is very long all-around, with at least 70 mins a ride (even at closing time!) up to 2 hours. It's worth it if you get a fastpass before 10:30 or so as they tend to sell out quickly.

Yes, the wait's this long.

Space Mountain - Just ride this one.

Toy Story Midway Mania - It's completely 3d and a midway style game where you hit various targets on a screen.

Grizzly River Rafting - Self explanatory, adding in the final geyser that is guaranteed to soak you if you're lucky (or unlucky enough) for it to happen.

Aladdin the Musical - Even if you don't really like musicals, at least watch the genie part, who makes a LOT of modern references.

Character Close Up - specifically involving the Toy Story Zoetrope. A huge number of models, but becomes animated when placed under a strobe. To see its full effect, watch a video of it.

Innoventions - when they involve a lot of future stuff and a few interactive games (including a car of the future race that would probably be more of a video game than in RL.

World of Color - at 9:00 pm (and 10:15), there's a huge array of fountains splashing water and making a huge light show, combined with movies and visuals. So epic that you have to actually watch the show to see the full effect, not a youtube video of it.