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Friday, June 17, 2011

On the Warehouse Clearance Sale

Ranting a bit here, but I think others might agree with me.

Just because it's spring clearance week doesn't mean the prices can't get ridiculous. I am so not paying 80 bucks for 10 million mojo and a bunch of other potions. Even the Player Appreciation Day Idol Sale last week had a better idol ratio per facebook credit (15 compared to 9.4).

The good thing is that if you want to use up those last few facebook credits you got for free over a year ago, you should use them, as the ratio's the same (1 for 5 idols compared to 7 for 35 idols).

EDIT: They changed the ratios a bit, which gives you less idols per facebook credit. It was on June 20th:

- 1 Facebook Credit -> 6 idols
- 21 Facebook Credits ($2.10) -> 139 idols
- 66 Facebook Credits ($6.60) -> 469 idols
- 451 Facebook Credits ($45) -> 4104 idols