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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eagle Eyes

Use the same strategies for the other boards that have the same layout (Mouth of Madness being one of them). Essentially concentrate on double gaps. Use the video below to see how to set this up.

Fun Fact:Two things wrong: The ball curve doesn't exactly follow the trail on the board (this is evident in the area in the green rectangle) and there's an eagle face on this board, but it's under the frog.


acmastrpiece said...

yo i just figured out a new trick. if you have hot frog and are about to curve clear with 1st or 2nd ball, if you shoot 2 balls in rapid succession you can get 2 curve clears. it can be kind of tricky and if you dont shoot fast enough a couple of balls will leak out, but it can come in pretty handy. I havent tried to get more than 2 curve clears with it, but i would assume it would be possible with inferno frog and rapid firing. hope to test it out.