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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eagle Eyes

Use the same strategies for the other boards that have the same layout (Mouth of Madness being one of them). Essentially concentrate on double gaps. Use the video below to see how to set this up.

Fun Fact:Two things wrong: The ball curve doesn't exactly follow the trail on the board (this is evident in the area in the green rectangle) and there's an eagle face on this board, but it's under the frog.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Summer Solstice

Today's the start of summer (acutally, yesterday). Despite my break, I don't have all this time to come up with posts on a timely basis as I actually have other jobs to finish up, so just create gaps near each ball spawn point and gapshot your way to victory. You'll keep the gaps from collapsing as well as earning decent points this way.

They managed to bring up Happy Hour like the one in Bejeweled Blitz, this time allowing you to use a power (this monday: bombs / tiki bombs / voodoo bombs) for no mojo cost.

Friday, June 17, 2011

One Week in LA

78. Visit all the Fry’s locations in California. (+3)

Fry's Explored: Burbank, CA, June 12, 2011 (UFO)
Fry's Explored: Anaheim, CA, June 14, 2011 (Space Themed)
Fry's Explored: City of Industry, CA, June 16, 2011

86. Ride a real roller coaster. (Goal Completed)
Space Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad

77. Visit at least 30 major malls in California. (+3)
Brea Mall, Anaheim Garden Walk, Mainplace Shopping Center

It's been a long time... around 10 years or so since I last visited Disneyland and California Adventure. So many things have changed, like the surrounding area. If you were wondering why I haven't made a last board update, this is one of the reasons (although the other reason's because this week is a repeat board, which I do not make a post of.)

In the span of ten years, a lot of the rides have changed and I have become more fearless in riding most of the attractions that I would have never riden in the past.

So likewise, here's a list of attractions that I would recommend seeing and why:

Star Tours - They have revamped the show entirely. Instead of one fixed movie, destinations are random (actually, there are three different ones), with a total of 54 different experiences, increasing replayability. Due to this, the waiting time is very long all-around, with at least 70 mins a ride (even at closing time!) up to 2 hours. It's worth it if you get a fastpass before 10:30 or so as they tend to sell out quickly.

Yes, the wait's this long.

Space Mountain - Just ride this one.

Toy Story Midway Mania - It's completely 3d and a midway style game where you hit various targets on a screen.

Grizzly River Rafting - Self explanatory, adding in the final geyser that is guaranteed to soak you if you're lucky (or unlucky enough) for it to happen.

Aladdin the Musical - Even if you don't really like musicals, at least watch the genie part, who makes a LOT of modern references.

Character Close Up - specifically involving the Toy Story Zoetrope. A huge number of models, but becomes animated when placed under a strobe. To see its full effect, watch a video of it.

Innoventions - when they involve a lot of future stuff and a few interactive games (including a car of the future race that would probably be more of a video game than in RL.

World of Color - at 9:00 pm (and 10:15), there's a huge array of fountains splashing water and making a huge light show, combined with movies and visuals. So epic that you have to actually watch the show to see the full effect, not a youtube video of it.

On the Warehouse Clearance Sale

Ranting a bit here, but I think others might agree with me.

Just because it's spring clearance week doesn't mean the prices can't get ridiculous. I am so not paying 80 bucks for 10 million mojo and a bunch of other potions. Even the Player Appreciation Day Idol Sale last week had a better idol ratio per facebook credit (15 compared to 9.4).

The good thing is that if you want to use up those last few facebook credits you got for free over a year ago, you should use them, as the ratio's the same (1 for 5 idols compared to 7 for 35 idols).

EDIT: They changed the ratios a bit, which gives you less idols per facebook credit. It was on June 20th:

- 1 Facebook Credit -> 6 idols
- 21 Facebook Credits ($2.10) -> 139 idols
- 66 Facebook Credits ($6.60) -> 469 idols
- 451 Facebook Credits ($45) -> 4104 idols

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Costco Opening in Lodi

Here's a picture of the new Costco in Lodi, California with their 'soft' opening in the form of a VIP party. As you can see, there was a lot of people waiting for it to open, with some waiting for over an hour.

Yes, there were a lot of people there. Although you couldn't buy anything at the store that day, they had a lot of food samples (including those from the food court).

(Click for larger image)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snakes on a Plain

The snakes gap shot board returns again. This time, I've had it with those *** snakes on this *** plain! So step back 'cause imma pull off some triple gaps.

I suppose you watched the movie related to the title of this board. Or at least, this clip.

TIP: You have two powerups each with a different strat for a high score: Warp Ball or Epic Fruit.

Warp Ball: Go for a large first opening double/triple gap. Balls roll in quick near the opening, giving you a nice opportunity to double tap.* Keep note that doing this is rewarding but reaction-time heavy on this board unless you can find a way to slow the balls down via combos. At normal speed, you need to notice a double tap opportunity and fire both balls - all within three quarters of a second, and at fast speed (2+ minutes in), you have almost no chance for triple gaps when they're going at full speed because your frog (or spirit animal) can't fire balls fast enough.

Epic Fruit: Wait until halfway through the intro before starting (it causes fruit to appear immediately after balls roll out). Once you grab a fruit, try to keep fruit locations open (or a double tap away) around 7 seconds after you grabbed the last fruit so that you can get it within a few seconds of it appearing. Don't forget to hit multipliers and time balls as well. At late-game when balls go faster, you may want to set up double/triple gaps.

*(source: The Other Zuma Blitz Guide, rev. 1.1, pg. 17)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Other Zuma Blitz Guide

The Other Zuma Blitz Guide: Providing a comprehensive illustrated guide of the best tips from a Top 50 Zuma Blitz player and then some.

Download The Other Zuma Blitz Guide (v. 7/1/11, 3.41 MB) (right click link > save link as to save to computer) or you can view it online.

My first version of my (free) Zuma Blitz guide has been completed. It contains all of the general tips on this blog, and then some. Let me know what you think about it.

The guide will be updated each time a new major feature is introduced (such as level cap increases, daily spin, etc.)


v 1.0 (Jun 5 2011)
 - Preview release

v 1.1 (Jun 7 2011) 
 - Inital Release

v 1.2 (Jun 20) - Fun in the Sun Solstice Party*
 - Title screen volcano animation, potion layout change
 - Fixed Mojo Table which didn’t show correct values.
 - Added screen recording guide
 - Added share mojo amounts for posting various stuff.
 - Food (area just above the time to next tournament)
 - Added Promotional Items
 - Added Version History

v 1.3 (Jul 1) 
 - Daily Spin
 - Fixed mojo harvesting tip factoring in free powers from happy hour
 - Visual example of the consequences of chain blast
 - Real life example of double gap close to end of track
 - Clarification in disadvantages in gap shots.
 - Repeat gap shots for three ball gaps (the gap that gets created when you match three balls) 
   shows you how many points you get compared to a gap from double tapping.
 - Improved the visual quality of powers in the guide.
 - Added note about golden frog being preserved after mastery (previously it wasn’t the case)

v 1.4 (release date unknown - drive containing this guide crashed)
 - Fixed Hoppy Hour bonuses (it's now 3-7PM PST Mondays)
 - Daily Spin multiplier fixed (max of 7x multiplier at lvl 80)
   - lvl 1-24: x1
        25-34: x2
        35-44: x3
        45-54: x4
        55-64: x5
        65-74: x6
        75-80: x7

   - NOTE: On August 18, spinner multiplier has been hidden and your actual mojo payout is displayed. 
   (ex. if you get three frogs and you're level 80, payout will say 700,000 instead of 100,000 x7, and daily 
  bonus is 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 2000 (unaffected by multiplier).
   - Sept 8 significantly raises the mojo earned per spin (multiplier around 16-20x). 

 - Fixed lvl 50 EXP to next level, it was 29800 XP to next level not 30000
 - July 19-21: Free 2x XP potion.
 - Fruit section added, beginning with Coconut. It takes five shakes of the tree 
   (five lifes) to get a fruit. NOTE: You can't shake if you have a 24h life active.
   - Fruit can give you life or additional mojo.
   . Coconuts can be used to refill one life.
 - Spirit Animal Showdown (Vote on your favorite spirit animal with its respective bonus.)
   - On Saturday, depending on which spirit animal wins, you get either a 24h life, 
     24h mojo potion, 24h xp potion, or 20 idols.

v1.x (any other updates)
 - Sept 27 - Power Play (powers cost no mojo)
 - Note on fortune cookies: If you have a 24h life active, you may not get one at random after a game.  
 - Spirit Animal Monument (effects and costs covered on level up table)
 - Nov 17 - planning to do a new study on time ball appearances - after testing on 5+ minute games, time ball 
   appearances decrease considerably after the 3 minute mark.