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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to the Boneyard

Remember the Aqua board posted a few months back? It looked like an iron frog board. Well this week's board is the real deal. Check back on the aqua board for a few other pointers for this board. And don't get carried away with the curve clears when using sun frog...

If you looked on the Zuma Blitz page (not the app itself) you will notice a free 12-game 24 hour x3 mojo potion for use on May 8 (Sunday).

This will be the last board that I will be on level 80 for a while. At this point I will mastery reset and distribute 20,000 mojo.

By the way I checked my site stats and surprisingly enough searches (99% of the time) lead to either the level up table, the tips page, or the scoring mechanics page. Just saying.

I'm actually looking for a few more unique boards rather than flipped repeats, so...

Question of the Day: If the devs introduce a board with triple rollouts, will you find it too hectic? (Example of such a board)


Anonymous said...

Hi do u got some good tips how to get over 2 million on this map, I have scored around 1,5m this week but cant get any higher...Shall i focus on gap shots?

Brendan Chan said...

Gap shots = yes. But note that you'll have to get the balls on the shorter curve to near the end, so you'll have to make a few non-matching shots to lengthen that curve. See Liang's replay on this board.