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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ripple Effects

I managed to finish this semester up with a decent GPA (3.4). After this summer, I will be moving over to grad school.

Board Name: Splish Splash. The board resembles more like a bamboo textured water slide, with a new strat for double gaps. Yes, I am underleveled here.

TIP: People who just pursued mastery might go for cannon balls if multiplier / chrono balls are not available yet. Just make sure you create a hole in just the right place. Additionally, they can also be used to grab fruit in the corners, which is typically covered with two or three layers of balls.

Fun Fact: Post title is called what it is because 'Ripples' is its internal name, and how one of my personal blog backups and posts can change things. An example of my post to one of my friends (and my classmate) eventually propagates over to his tumblr at the time of writing. (link to post)


Anonymous said...

This is the slow old lady, I want to congratulate you on your GPA it is fantastic.....Great!!!!!! and thanks again for your help on this addictive game ha ha ha