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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally managed to make it to a million...

Finally managed to make it to a million points in Mastery Mode. At this level it's pretty difficult to get this score since you have to rely on no powers and no extra score from critical hits / increased point value of fruit (They're around ~60% of value compared to lvl 80).

In my opinion, I think that being a master just for 'bragging' rights doesn't feel like it's good enough. For most people, there needs to be a good incentive to reset, such as powers usable when you reach certain levels of mastery, because they will be at a huge disadvantage pointwise compared to those who don't reset. After all, if you're a master, shouldn't you have better rewards?

(I'll make my own power: Time Master. Adds 9 seconds per time ball, cost is 10,000 mojo, 12 hour cooldown between uses. Requires 2nd Degree Zuma Master.)


Miksu~ said...

How can I get the Mastery Mode? What I'll have to do for it?

Brendan Chan said...

Reach level 80 and click on the gold bar to get to Mastery Mode. (They'll be releasing this to everyone with a period of a week or so as some people said they haven't gotten this option yet)