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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Calamari Chaos

Calamari Chaos is the name of this week's board. A flip version of the Crossroads board, I start to conclude the levels are more towards showing off artistic style instead of creative ball path design / raising the level cap as well as putting perks from reaching mastery.

Speaking of design, The Long Goodbye is full of it. It's one of my friend's projects btw, I'll put a review of that here when it comes out.

Also, someone forgot to tell the frog that it's a trap...

TIP: Multipliers / Time powerups. (don't use fruit power due to hard to reach) That's it. (I think, for any board, time/multiplier/fruit powers are the only things you'll need for high scores until they introduce epic powers.)*

If you actually look at the image you notice a gap being made on the lower right side... the most effective way to get points. (My high score here with no powers is a bit over 1.2 million.)