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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aweful Visage

Google Search for this board: Did you mean: awful visage*

Known high scores for this board: 2.8m (no powers), 7m (all powers), 7.65m (all powers + monument)

Welcome to Aweful Visage, the board that results when that Hand Drawn Lava board dries up. Or not. Acutally, it's one of the first few boards when Zuma Blitz was first released.

In the works: I plan to maintain a small eBook (later released here) on all of the tips I put on this board, and explained in more detail, as well as a few other things not mentioned here. It will cover all versions of the game since December.

I intend to release the guide for no charge, though you may donate if you find the guide helpful.

In the meantime, it looks like they might re-use older boards for future weeks, so this will be my last post in regards to Zuma Blitz until a new unique board shows up.

TIP: Use the above image a guide for placing double gaps. When you reach hot frog, you should aim carefully to completely remove the middle layer of balls while not causing the 2nd layer to slide back.

Question of the Day: I like this new layout better. Do you? (Essentially widens the game screen, moves the fruit score value to top-right, moves chain to top-left, hot frog meter moved to just above the frog.)


Anonymous said...

I don't have that layout yet (with the wider screen etc). How did you get it?

Brendan Chan said...

1. Get copies of Zuma's Revenge and Photoshop
2. Grab screenshots of the game
3. ???
4. Profit

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's hypothetical. I misread it to be something released. I would prefer that layout, yes.