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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Unnamed Lava Board

Week Summary: In the past week I managed to get over 80 million total points within 70 no-powerup games, with an average score of 1.1 million. With powerups, the highest score reached was a bit over 5 million.

Time crunch on projects this week - including a senior project, so I can't really play much as a result. (One project is related to VR, located on the previous post).

For those who are still playing, there's a 30 idol reward if you manage to reach lvl 80... (confirmed by devs)


When the board was introduced again in November, a few new changes were made: the official name became Major Mouthful, Epic Fruit is not available (but it was fixed that Wed), and spirit animals can be used here. That said, a skilled enough player can get well over 9000 K on this board.

OK, this board is essentially Face Your Fear (Zuma's Revenge Board) flipped. They didn't have a name otherwise, but it looks like a lava board (at least to me), and it looks more hand drawn.


  • Balls are clustered so tightly together that Sun Frog might have some good uses here (it takes four well placed shots to clear a curve).
  • Double gaps are possible here if you don't mind sticking a ball very close to the end (Scott's statement about triple gaps being possible on the board is a bit misleading).
  • Epic Fruit is absolutely necessary for high scores.
  • Try to avoid tension when playing the last few seconds of the game and try not to look at the score. In very close games, it only takes one mistake to cost you the top of the leaderboard.
  • Note that when doing double gaps, if positioned correctly you can safely destroy balls on the first row with a hot frog without destroying the gap setup. (see above image)